Exclusive horse-boxes - your dream will come true
With the high- quality powder coating, which can be applied in addition to the hot-galvanized coating, you will give your horse stable facility an exclusive aura.
Top Notch Stalls
No question: Your horse is something special. So why should it not also live in a special environment? Our exclusive stalls are a mixture of traditional stalls and modern design. Exactly the right thing for individualists. The exclusive ambience, oriented toward the horse- compatible keeping of horses, is the guarantee for a harmonious togetherness of human beings and horses. Variations in which your horses reside and that give your stable an aura not to be found anywhere else. Horse-compatible, noble and still equipped with the comfort and safety to be expected of a Top Notch quality stall.
Take in the great variety of possibilities. Our exclusive stalls can be used on a flexible basis: Whether divided revolving doors or partition walls with contact grille, you will surely find exactly what will turn your stable into an exclusive gem. We implement special customer wishes. The stalls are supplied with air optimally through the air slots in the wood section of the front panels, the visually interesting revolving doors let the horse look into the stable passage and thus improve the contact between human beings and animals.