Robust horse-walkers with different driving types and longe-arenas
Element Fence
A sturdy fence is also important for the regular, safe use of a horse-guiding system. This can,
for example, be set up as a three-latch fence made of impregnated soft- wood. We offer the
Top Notch element fence as an alternative without posts. This fence is given the necessary
stability by screwing together the hot- galvanized steel frame elements. A hardwood base plank closes off the bottom in each variant. The elements are usually delivered with a height of 1.60 m. Other heights are available on request.
Horse Walker
The horsewalker system "Top Notch Free Running" has established itself as an indispensable training unit in many horse-breeding and horse-riding businesses. The robust design and the simple but intelligent technical equipment provide the convenience of operation and utilization; the Top Notch service division, however, guarantees the safety that makes this horsewalker system so unique. The switchbox with PLC electronics is the central part of the system.
   Horse-walker without roof
Top Notch Free Running
Two different versions - "TN-Standard" "TN-Extra" offer a range of selection for every demand. The thermostat-controlled heating and ventilating system of the "TN-Extra" systems provides protection against extreme temperatures and ensures trouble-free operation. Movable safety horse-driving screens with replaceable screen inserts and
rubber lamellas reduce the risk of injury.

The drive unit is installed in a high position. The arms circle at a height of approx. 2.40 m. This creates an open interior space that guarantees maximum safety. The horse-driving screens and the entire rotating part of the system are insulated. Everything is prepared so that a pasture fence unit can be hooked up and connected at any time. The sturdy, hot-galvanized basic structure enables the construction of systems with virtually every desired diameter. A robust slewing ring ensures permanently smooth, easy and steady operation. Since the basic structure of, for example, a 15-metre system for 4 horses, is the same as for a 20-meter system for 8 horses, each system can be easily enlarged at any time later on.

In order to be able to use the large interior space for longeing, Top Notch has now developed the suspended horse walker TN centre. The sturdy, hot-galvanized steel structure with the reliable drive unit of the conventional horsewalker system is suspended from the roof-ridge of the arena structure. Installed in 20-meter round arena, this provides an open interior space with a diameter of approx. 15 m that can be used as ideal longeing circle. Around that a fixed horse-guiding circle is set up. This suspended horse walker can, of course, also be installed in a customer- provided arena. However, the weight of the system must be taken into account for the arena structure in terms of statical requirements.
   Alternative horse-walker with track roofed over
   Alternative horse-walker roofed over complete
   Top Notch Centre