Equus design - The planning and arranging office for horses arenas and stud farms
The EQUUS DESIGN office is located near Warendorf, Germany and specializes in consulting, architectural planning, engineering and bringing
to reality facilities for equine activists, whether in the business of riding, racing, breeding, etc.

We are specialized in identifying and finding workable solutions for our well-established clientele in Germany and abroad. Our many years of practical experience and know-how have enabled us to consult successfully on new facilities as well as reconstructing pre-existing ones; from every builder’s perspective, including smaller riding stables, state-run and private stud farms, as well as large developments.

Our clients have been consistently satisfied with our ability to come up with new and innovative ideas in the field of equestrian design. As one of the leading nations of equestrian sports; Germany faces a high demand for innovation with regard to equestrian facilities and has been on the forefront of architectural planning and implementation in this regard. By our ability to meet our clients demand for high standards and quality, Equus Design has gained a well known reputation for excellence, often exceeding our client’s expectations. Today we are confident in our ability to develop and bring to fruition the optimum model/outline for any client’s requirements regarding utilization of space as well as bottom-line costs.