Obstacle Advertising
With the ever-growing public interest in equine sports come new opportunities in advertising space.

The high image value of show jumping and other equestrian events present a unique way for any company to promote new products and have their brand name visable as sponsors.

This is something easily recognizable by spectator and competitor alike.
The top notch obstacle is an ideal platform for banner and poster advertising. This easily applicable system is of the same high quality standards and will ensure a long-lasting representative form of advertisement in every training or tournament course.

Your advertising is printed or glued according to your specifications and wishes onto weather- proof plastic plates. There are no limits to your imagination. Even during the planning and drafting phase, we will always be glad to advise and assist you.
All obstacles are, of course, also available with blank advertising plates.The advertising can then be easily installed on site.
Top Notch Jumps
Due to many years of experience in the sport of show jumping and due to the cooperation with successful show jumpers and trainers from all over the world, our system has developed into a programme for all performance classes.
Nowadays, higher requirements are specified for tournament and training obstacles than ever before: stability, lightness, weather resistance,
and easy handling. Unlike conventional obstacles, Top Notch offers all these advantages in one system. The unique combination of aluminium and plastic provides the required stability and weather resistance as well as lightness.
The patented and internationally tried and tested Top Notch rail and support system complete the unproblematic handling.
Wings, Gates and Wall Elements
This selection of wings shows the unlimited design and combination possibilities that the system offers. The aluminium frame structures of the wings can be variably arranged using the randomly replaceable inserts consisting of colour-coated aluminium profiles and decorative plates made of waterproof, printable plastic.
From narrow wings to the multi-jump grids, right up to the millwheel a selection for every requirement. For the purpose of shipping-compatible packaging, all wings and stands are delivered with separately packaged feet. On site, the assembly work can be easily carried out.

The wall's basic elements are supported by an aluminium basic structure with special corner profiles. For the wall's basic elements, the following applies: light, sturdy and weather-resistant. The gates and underneath elements also consist of aluminium frame structures that, like the walls, offer variable possibilities using the replaceable inserts.
Arena and Training Courses
The arena and training courses are mainly equipped with narrow catch stands, which can be delivered in heights of 1.50 m or 1.80 m.
Even in cramped arenas, the narrow design enables the construction of space-saving and still visually attractive, diversified obstacles and courses. With a weight of only approx. 15 kg per catch stand, even women and children can help set up the obstacles.

The narrow wings have also been designed so that they can be pushed into each other during storage, and therefore they require very little space. With the narrow wings, this means that the excellent advantages of the patented system also take effect: stability, lightness, weather resistance and optimum handling ensured by the tried and tested Top Notch rail and support system.
Course at the highest level of Standard
Due to the basic materials being used, namely aluminium and waterproof plastic plates, the obstacles and courses can also be set up on the outdoor field permanently without rotting. This, of course, only applies to a limited extent to the rails and planks.

In the case of Top Notch Jumps, the rails are, of course, made of wood - with all advantages and disadvantages of this material, such as drying cracks. The planks are made of a special softwood. This material does not crack.

In the case of Top Notch Jumps, the rails, planks and gates are delivered on an optional basis in lengths of 3.00 m, 3.50 m or 4.00 m - at the same price. We recommend 3.00 m if the obstacles are mainly used in the arena or on small fields. If the obstacles are used in the large arena and on the outdoor field, a length of 3.50 m is advisable. However, the 4.00-m length is still delivered upon request.
International Format
Being able to enjoy an international ambience during training sessions spurs on - both the rider and the horse. Stability and weather resistance of the Top Notch obstacles guarantee their long-term longevity. This means that it also makes economic sense to invest a little more in a more expensive and more attractive training course and tournament course.

In addition to the tried and tested Top Notch rail and support system, the well-developed range of accessories with its obstacle flags, obstacle barriers and obstacle numbers rounds off the product range in the best possible way. Of course, we also deliver the safety supports prescribed to be installed behind the oxers since the beginning of 2004 for all jumping tests. Use the excellent advantages of the complete Top Notch system: stability, lightness, weather resistance, and easy handling.
Cavaletti and Dressage Square
For the Cavaletti and dressage square boundary elements, Top Notch also uses the advantages of the material aluminium - stability, lightness, and weather resistance. Top Notch crosses (1) consisting of white-coated aluminium profiles are threefold adjustable. Each detail is considered. To ensure that these crosses can be placed safely on top of each other, the crossing elements are provided with riffle profiles.

Top Notch developed the safety Cavaletti (2) as an alternative to the Cavaletti cross. This design is extremely safe due to the octagonal shape and the use of aluminium profiles with rounded edges.
The advantages of the aluminium material are maintained. The safety Cavaletti can also be adjusted to three different heights.

The dressage square must not be missing in any equipment programme for the equestrian sport. The advantages of the material have also proved to be reliable in this equestrian discipline.

The boundary elements are offered in two versions:

St. Georg (3) and Grand Prix (5). Letter cones made of plastic to be set up and letter plates to be screwed onto the wall lining complete the range of products offered for the professional equipment of the dressage square.